Mini Militia

This one is just basically phone counter strike for me. it’s a small game and the perfect pass time for when you and your gang have nothing more to talk about. Nothing like the joy off killing a friend, right? I mean dude u stole my fries! Did u really think I wouldn’t kill you?


This pocket rocket packs a whole lot of entertainment. Although it takes a couple of games to get used to the controls. And once you do get used to it. You are most likely to end up playing with a whole bunch of people who are way better than you. And I am sure you will blow yourself up with bombs the first few times. The trick is getting through that phase.

Err or not….

Once you get past that phase you are the best mini militia player there is. If you die the other guy is a hacker or your games lagged of course. I mean really how else do u explain dying over 20 times in 5 minutes.


If you are a new player I recommend not playing online for the sake for your pride.

Overall, it’s a great first person shooter for your mobile device.




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