Clash Royale

Much to the annoyance of my girlfriend I recently started playing clash royale. Once again supercell has proved that although they can make interesting game concepts they fail to keep player intrigued for longer duration.

This game provides a unique merger of card based and strategy based games. Combined with the idea of battling your opponent live is far more enjoyable than I initially anticipated it would be. The best bit is the card requests. Higher levels can help lower levels a lot more in retrospect to clash of clans where you can only receive troops for single use.

I only started a week ago, so I don’t have much to say about it although the few problems I faced were: –

1) Uneven match-ups- more often than not I have been competing against player who are a lot stronger than me currently I am at lvl5 and I have been paired against like likes of a lvl10.

2) Chest unlock time- another major problem is that chests take 3hrs at the very least and can take as high as an entire day to open. This would have been fine if multiple Could be opened simultaneously but unfortunately that’s not the case.

3) Collecting gold- although getting troop cards is luck based and hence one cannot complain about it. The gold found in various chests I have to say is extremely extremely low for my liking. I am currently at arena 6 and I am earning 14-16gold per win which is really just peanuts and pinenuts when compared to the 400gold I require for a single update of the prince or PEKKA.

Some of the strategies that I found very effective and have been pretty crucial in defeating higher level opponents are: –

1) Bluffing with a strong troop- a PEKKA works very well for this. Most opponent are too busy trying to take the PEKKA out and u might be able to slip an army of skeletons from the other side.

2) Double bluff- after using the above once the second time you place a PEKKA but everything u have behind it. I recommend placing it on a side that u already have a spawning building on (goblin hut, furnace, ETC) and Continue to put troops with splash damage behind it. Your opponent may be a little cautious and try to wait for the bluff. That hesitation may win u the crucial few seconds needed to take out a tower.

3) Counter attacking- instead of being the aggressor try using the best defense possible. Try to beat the opponent’s troops with as little elixir as possible. For example: an PEKKA which costs 7e can easily be beaten by a skeleton spell that costs only 3e and the remaining 4elixer can be used offensively when needed.

The game certainly has its positives and negatives and at the moment I do find it very enjoyable but I have to admit that I can’t see myself playing this game for longer than a year. Unless supercell can come up with more features that manage to captivate me I think I will have done off with this game within 6 months.

The bit of good news for people who feel the same as I do is that supercell has promised features and an end game update soon.





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