Clash of Clans

I have been playing a Clash of Clans for a long time and while the concept and the ideas behind the game are excellent. The one thing about the game is that it is very repetitive. All the way through from TH-1 to TH-7 the game is very enjoyable. Players are busy Saving for more gems to get more builders. Raiding is a lot of fun. You have the goblin village conquest to pass time and earn that extra bit of loot when needed.

The one thing that I find particularly enjoyable is clan wars. Nothing better than the feeling of being a cyber hero. Various clans use lots of tricks from spying on enemy bases to playing possum until the very last hour of the war.

But by the time you reach TH-9 or 10 you are thoroughly bored of the game.

To begin with finding raids, take a long time especially in the higher leagues. After raiding over a few thousand times in the past 3 years they aren’t quite as enjoyable. Secondly all the upgrades at higher town halls are extremely costly. Collecting 1,50,000 dark elixir for a single archer queen upgrade or collecting a Whooping 3 mil elixir for an individual wall.

Things are bound to get very dull. If I was the kind that worked so hard for almost no reward I would have just gotten a job! Let’s not mention the global chats. Those of you who play clash of clans already know what I mean and I would rather not discourage prospective players. All I will say is female gamers had best keep a pepper spray and Taser at hand while walking that realm.

Although in the past few updates supercell has been trying to rectify the issues posted by its fans. The addition of few extra troops like the bowler, miner, baby dragon. Have succeeded in spicing things up a little. Besides this, reduction in costs of upgrades at higher town halls has been a real relief. Also, I rather enjoyed the Christmas special events that supercell added this year. In contrast to every year where a few trees pop up and u have a one gem boost. The idea of having dragon events or hog events and cutting the cost for those troops I am sure managed to keep all the player entertained for at least a little while.

Although come February all this will be forgotten so if supercell wishes to keep pleasing its fan base the company is going to have to keep on their toes and continue to bring new stuff into the game.




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